Adventures in maintaining FreeBSD

Well, after I got up this morning, I checked on my FreeBSD machine (Spiral). My VNC was disconnected, and so was my SSH session... Even my ping requests were not returned, among other attempts to try and communicate with it. Spiral was still humming away, so it wasn't reset or powered-off; maybe trying to move three movies from the box [simultaneously/concurrently] while doing a "portupgrade -a" was not such a good idea... My best guess is that Spiral over-heated and seized-up, which may have something to do with it being over-clocked. So, I reduced the bus speed from 133 MHz to 100 MHz (one step slower), and lowered the clock multiplier from 12.5 to 12. I didn't like how excessively warm it was running before-hand, so it was an over-due task on my agenda; I would rather sacrifice some speed, in order to increase longevity and stability. Anyhow, I now have portupgrade churning away again. I am hoping it won't be too long before I can run Novell Evolution, Gaim, and Firefox again (I haven't yet mentioned/written that I have broken the library linkage (atk, libpangox, etc.) more than once, while trying to upgrade ports using good ol' "make [de/re]install", hence yesterday's mention of portupgrade).


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