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The “television viewing audience” is beginning to spend their time elsewhere:

The internet

I rarely watch standard “broadcast television”, since I can access TV shows, movies, and music on the internet. I have business interests in on-line marketing and promotion, and am on the extreme side of the shifting demographic, so I thought that it would be a good idea to start listing web-sites that are good portals to video and audio. There are only a few to start, but they have enough content to keep one's attention for endless hours:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
The videos are contributed by a worldwide membership. It is free to contribute, and free to watch too. Good use of contemporary technology allows one to receive updates when their favourite members post new videos.
Google Video - Search thousands of videos, TV shows, movies, and more
Still under development, but already put to heavy use by netizens. Check out the official About Google Video page for more.
Blish.com, the easiest place to buy or sell digital content
I just found this site today, so it is new to me. Not having known or used it, I can't vouch for it. However, Blish looks like a good web-site to round off this list here, since it looks like a good place to promote my interests with video, audio/music, and images/photography.


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