TVN Presentation to CRTC (June 6th, 2005):

I just tried submitting this video to Google Video.

In the process, I made a list of all the speakers in the video.

I didn't end up using that list for the Google Video submission, so why not post it here, instead of leaving it unused...

  • Ted Salci, Mayor of Niagara Falls

  • Dolores Fabiano, Welland Pelham Chamber of Commerce

  • Wayne H. Redekop, Mayor Town of Fort Erie

  • Jack Miller (retired writer of Toronto Star) resident of St. Catharines

  • Susan Odell, President, East Dell Estates Winery

  • Brian E. Merrett, former Chairman, Niagara Parks Commission

  • Lilita Stripnieks, CEO St. Catharines Public Library

  • Patrick Gedge, CEO, Niagara Economic Tourism Corp.

  • Lucy Huot, Director General, Club 2000 Niagara (FRENCH)

  • Gary Burroughs, Lord Mayor of The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

  • Donald J.P. Ziraldo, Co-Founder and President, Inniskillin Wines Inc.

  • Paul T. Speck, President, Henry of Pelham Winery/Chair Wine Council of Ontario

  • Al Slattery, President Al Slattery Ford

  • Tim Rigby, Mayor City of St. Catharines

  • Chief David General, Six Nations Council

  • Dr. David Atkinson, President, Brock University

  • Daniel J. Patterson, President, Niagara College

  • Erika Beatty, Executive Director, Niagara Symphony

  • Leonard Pennachetti, President, Cave Spring Cellars Ltd.

  • Ron Bodner, Mayor of Port Colborne

  • Nancy McIntosh, Chair, Niagara Falls Visitor and Convention Bureau

  • Robert J. Spence, President & CEO, Niagara Auto Club & Travel Agency

  • Simon Clery, Simon Promotions Inc.

  • Charles Gervais, Employment Development Consultant, HRDC

  • Allen Gelberg, Director Of Sales & Marketing, Vintage Inns

  • Peter Partington, Chairman, The Regional Municipality of Niagara Falls

  • Victor Ferraiuolo, Vice President, Niagara Falls Tourism

  • Ruedi H. Hafen, President, Operations Manager, Niagara Helicopter Ltd.

  • Gail L. Davidson, Administrative Manager, InTouch Communications

  • Damian Goulbourne, Mayor of Welland

A special thanks from TVN Niagara Inc. (including myself) goes out to all volunteers, from business leaders to politicians, who took their time to voice their opinions in front of the camera.


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