Is GoDaddy still cutting-edge?

I will render my judgement based on the response to the following comment that I submitted on a blog article of Bob Parson's:

Dear Bob,

I still think you are a phenomenal business man. However, I think people are suggesting that it LOOKS like GoDaddy may be following the general decline of an increasingly crass business/marketing/corporate culture. I love boobs, however, your responses appear to be rhetoric at a time when your customer support provides me irrelevant and inconsequential responses. I am just about ready to make a different registrar my favourite choice. It seems to me that you are losing your focus, which is unfortunate, because you used to be cutting-edge all-around.

As stated this morning, if my issues aren't resolved, and the type of poor performance in a particular support incident is not accounted for, I bet that your customers with differing morality/ethics will inevitably have no reason to stay with you.

Readying for an exodus,


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