russian climbing


Phenomenal skills are demonstrated here, in what looks like a decrepid Russian town. This is raw!


Instant Messaging with Meebo

Web-Based Instant Messaging:

Convenient from virtually any computer with a web-browser!

Thanks to my comrade Caleb Booker for this hot tip:

meebo.com; simultaneously connect to multiple IM networks/protocols in one convenient web-based interface.

As of this writing, meebo works with

  • AOL
  • ICQ
  • Yahoo!
  • Jabber
  • GTalk
  • MSN

I just gave meebo a try with my MSN and Yahoo! accounts, and it worked fine in my limited trial. I will definitely keep meebo in mind for those times when I cannot use Gaim.



The new torainc.com is live!

It is one of the recent projects that has kept me busy lately

For promoting their company world-wide, TORA Inc. wanted a clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate web-site.

Key specifications for the new torainc.com's development were tight/small pages to prevent the need for scrolling, and a consistent header/top/navigation spanning the entire width of all pages.