Rogers Wireless is Irresponsible

Rogers Communications Inc.

refuses to make amends for providing unreliable/dysfunctional service,

by providing pathetic excuses!

I also called my wireless dealer, Link Mobile Communications, and have as much news as I could gather on this issue that affects many local cellphone users:

This morning, one of my clients, Dave Sabo of Niagara Online, made a surprise visit to my home. He was a bit concerned, because he tried calling me, but some stranger's voice was enunciating an unfamiliar greeting on my voice-mail! I immediately called my own phone to find that indeed the greeting message was different, and I did not change it!!

Using Skype, I called Rogers [for free]. Of course, after navigating menus to Wireless Tech Support, I had to wait on hold. “Curt” answered and authenticated the call. I gave him a brief description of the problem. He then said that he would forward me to tech support, and I waited on hold yet again. For some reason, I thought selecting Wireless Tech Support would take me directly there... Anyhow, 15 minutes from the initiation of my call to Rogers, I finally reached “Jason”. He said there is a problem with the system affecting many customers and there is no ETA on a solution/fix. I said I would like my account/bill appropriately credited. Jason replied that it is not possible for Rogers to credit all their customers. I rebuked “yes it is”, so then he forwarded me to Customer Service, and I was put on hold yet again. At least the wait was only a few minutes before “Philip” answered. I provided him the background information as to why I was calling. Phillip's response was very disappointing to me; he told me that voicemail free and I cannot be credited for it. I told him that's ridiculous - voicemail is part of my package/plan, so perhaps I should be credited the whole thing then! He said I was wrong, and that voicemail is provided free on top of my wireless plan. What a pathetic excuse; I pay $80 to $100 per month, and none of that covers my voicemail?! Philip refused to provide anything other than apologies.

Last but not least, I called Link Mobile Communications, my wireless service dealer. I was told that 10 other people have already called about the same problem. Apparently it has something to do with the [very poorly carried out] launch of a new or additional caller identification system.

In conclusion, I would just like to state that I am very disappointed that a monstrous corporation and conglomerate refuses to be accountable and make amends for their own mistake that disrupts a service for which they are paid. This fact implies that Rogers Communications Inc. is greedy and unethical (and therefore amoral as well). Unfortunately, I do not have any better suggestions at this time...


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