Adventures in maintaining FreeBSD

So, I finally got tired of not being able to have clicked URL links come up in Firefox from email browsed in Novell/Ximian Evolution. To date, I have always right-clicked the link, selected "Copy Link Location", and then pasted it into Firefox's address bar.

I am running KDE as my Window Manager, and have set up Firefox as the default browser in KDE's control panel. However, because Evolution is a Gnome application, it is also affected by Gnome's configuration. In this case, KDE's web-browser setting is not observed by Evolution.

Off I went, trying to figure out how to change Gnome's default web-browser. I tried loading all of the command-line names for Gnome Control Center I could find on the web... gnome-control-center, gnomecontrolcenter, gnomecc, and none of them worked. I expected them to be there, since I had Gnome applications installed; I guess that assumption was not very correct. I ran `locate gnome | grep control | more' and found there was a port named `gnomecontrolcenter'. I ran `portupgrade -NRPO gnomecontrolcenter' (I use -O because something is wrong with my pkgdb, I don't necessarily recommend using it) and it's building as I write this blog entry.

I should probably mention that if you're running Gnome on FreeBSD, you will probably want to check out the Gnome area on FreeBSD's web-site.
Gnome still cannot be upgraded using portupgrade - a special script is made available to upgrade Gnome on FreeBSD.

Well, the build finished, and I can run `gnomecc', but I have not been able to solve my problem. I changed a couple settings and went as far as restarting X Windows (`vncserver', in my case). I don't have time today to play further, but I intend to properly upgrade Gnome and read up more on configuring it to use Firefox as the default web-browser.



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