Ephedra Ban Lifted by U.S. District Judge

FDA says it's evaluating the ruling before deciding whether to appeal

HealthDay Staff - 2005-04-14

Although I did not expect seeing such news, I am glad to see the USA take this positive move. Ephedra/ephedrine is becoming more difficult to acquire in Canada, but it is still not too hard to find it. I take Ephedrine (8 to 72 milligrams) a couple times a month at the most - when I feel like boosting my energy or opening up my respiratory system (enhance sport activity or alleviate congestion). It is definitely not a harmful drug when used responsibly, like any other potentially beneficial substance. Anyhow, what kind of joke is it for the USA to ban simple stimulants such as Ma Huang, when they have explosive growth in the "energy drink" industry (Red Bull is a good example)?


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