The war on spam

I check my email this morning, and find that I have 5 comments on my Blog

They were all "comment SPAM"

So, I have changed my comments setting to "Only Members of this Blog"

I've had a few "comment spams" here and there, with only one comment that actually had any relevance. Now that I think about it, I will just remove the ability to comment. If anyone wants to comment, they can email me.

I will conclude this post with a link to SpamCop, because that's where I send all my spam email. Most of my email addresses have been published on the web and in use for years, but I don't get very much spam. At most, I get 10 spam emails per day, for all my accounts, but normally the amount is closer to 5 per day. It takes a few months before the filthy spammers start removing you from their dirty spam lists, but from my perspective, this sort of proactive activity is the only way to combat spam. So, check out http://SpamCop.Net/ and help in the fight against those parasitic and pathetic spammers!

I'll return to my FreeBSD adventures shortly...


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