CUPE-Ontario: Inappropriate and misguided!

CUPE stands for Canadian Union of Public Employees

News / National Post

2006-06-01 - Toronto

Jewish advocacy group denounces move by union to boycott Israel

Jewish advocacy group B'nai Brith would like Canadians to denounce CUPE-Ontario's planned boycott of Israel. A 10-page manifesto is available to be signed online at http://www.bnaibrith.ca/CUPEPetition.html. Canada's largest union
voted unanimously at a May 27 conference to join an international boycott against Israel "until that state recognizes the Palestinian right to self-determination." B'nai Brith executive vice-president Frank Dimant said: "We hope to draw public attention to the inappropriate and misguided interference by the union, which is devoting time and resources to advance an anti-Israel agenda at the expense of concentrating on areas that should fall within its mandate."

In addition to signing the online petition, I have submitted the following feedback/comments directly to CUPE, using a form on their web-site: http://www.cupe.ca/BE_feedback.php

Your anti-Israel activities demonstrate utter ignorance and are an embarrassment to Canada and Ontario. As a local citizen, I demand you to stop immediately. Given that you claim to be anti-discriminatory, such anti-Semitic propaganda is hypocritical. The directors of your organization should apologize for condoning such disgusting behaviour.
If anything, you should be supporting Israel, and for many good reasons.