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Blogger Hear me Roar said...

I sure hope these guys help those whose sites were hosted by "Your Name Sells". I have emailed Jon McGowan today - and tried calling but no one at dotconnect.ca answers the phones. Your name sells solicited membership based organizations and promised a small residual fee for any websites they sold to be hosted by Your Name Sells. Many companies never got paid. John Savio of Your Name Sells promised to rectify the situation - and to pay what was owed. This never happened. NOW they neither have access to their websites nor do they own their domain names.

Like others I had my domain transferred to be hosted by Your Name Sells - and when the name was transferred they took over ownership of my domain name - telling me I really still owned the name - but that they were simplifying things administratively. Now they are no where to be found and own my domain.

A caveat to all out there - do not use Your Name Sells for anything. Hopefully dotconnect.ca can help.

We shall see. No wonder web companies get lumped in with the scum of the earth.
Mandie Crawford

27 June, 2007 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This company was a joke (.connect), what he is saying is a straight-out lie and worse, what happened was predicted but not acted upon. Interesting how .connect appeared out of nowhere AFTER a crash and vanished just as quickly. Hmmmm...

09 December, 2008 00:19  

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