I'm going to have to 'fork' this blog some time soon, because there are a few things I would like to keep a blog of, but they are somewhat unrelated.
I have been doing reading & research into blogging, RSS, and atom.  I can't begin to describe how huge this whole revolution in content syndication could potentially be.  At this time, I'm looking at how I can apply these new developments in technology to some of the companies I am involved with.  Here are some interesting sites I came across:
2004-07-16RSS Feed Reader / News Aggregators Directory
We can search/scan for RSS feeds with such tools

Yahoo! News syndicate via RSS
There is a security related feed under Technology

Found 548 matching feeds for "security"

Sean Gallagher's root access
An interesting general tech read, hosted by Ziff Davis Media
That is all for now.


I think I will now start making use of my Blog. Due to various time constraints, I will employ the basic tools that are already provided. We'll see how my use of a Blog develops as time progresses.

At this moment, I just wanted to blog a news article I just read (found on news.Google):
Science: NewsFactor Network - Science - Moment When Aging Process Grew To Give 'Long in the Tooth' Some Wisdom
My family has always reinforced the importance of one's health. I have put some thought into this matter, and realized (on my own, before reading the article) that for a society to not deteriorate (progress is a better direction, but I am writing in terms of stability/sustainability), the elderly are definitely an important component. The longer a person has lived, the more time they have to learn history as well as experience life first-hand. If people do not take care of their health (i.e. America's gross rate of obesity and general disregard for health), life-spans will not only decrease, but with age-related ailments, the life of an elderly person will not be as fulfilling.